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Audiclean Ear Cleansing Wash - 115ml

Audiclean Ear Cleansing Wash - 115ml
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Audiclean Ear Cleansing Wash - 115ml

Keeps ears refreshingly clean and clear & Gently washes away excess wax and dirt.

Audiclean Ear Cleansing Wash - 115ml

Audicelan Ear Cleansing Wash is a gentle and effective way to safely clean the delicate ear canal. Audiclean Ear Cleansing Wash helps prevent wax build-up and leaves ears feeling clear and fresh.

Use Audiclean regularly in or out of your shower or bath to comfortably wash away dirt and excess wax found in the ears, leaving them feeling clean and fresh.

The ear produces wax to prevent dirt from entering the delicate canal. The wax is then expelled naturally. Using cotton swabs works against this natural process, forcing the dirty wax back into the ear canal.

Audiclean Ear Cleansing Wash is a safe and gentle ear cleansing alternative. It works with your ear by washing away the excess wax and dirt.

After just two weeks of use, Audiclean Ear Cleansing Wash will give your ears a new feeling of cleanliness, unlike anything you've felt before.

The Audiclean delivery system

The Audiclean Ear Cleansing Wash nozzle and bottle have been specially designed to the shape of the ear to safely and comfortably deliver its gentle, naturally cleansing wash. The soft, circular spray delivers AUDICLEAN Ear Cleansing Wash to the ear while avoiding any direct contact with the sensitive eardrum.

With each individual spray, the hygienically designed outtake-only bottle dispenses circular jets of clean and fresh Audiclean Ear Cleansing Wash, so there's no need to worry about used product flowing back into the bottle.


Directions for use

Audiclean Ear Cleansing Wash - Safe for adults and children

For best results, use once a day for just 10 days, then 2-3 times a week.

  1. Attach nozzle on top of the bottle by pressing it gently into place
  2. Place index finger into nozzle
  3. Gently insert nozzle into ear, while keeping head upright; depress for 1 second
  4. Leave solution in ear for 10 seconds
  5. Gently tilt head to allow wash to drain out
  6. Gently dry outer ear with a clean towel or tissue
  7. In case of excessive wax production, leave product to act for 10 minutes.
    Repeat procedure up to 4 times if necessary


Repeat process on the other ear. Rinse nozzle with hot water after each use.

NOTE: You may experience a clogged ear sensation that quickly disappears once you tilt your head to
allow the wash to flow out.


Ensure AUDICLEAN Ear Cleansing Wash is used at room temperature: 20°C - 25°C (68°F - 77°F)
In case of pain or persisting ear discomfort, DISCONTINUE product use and consult your
HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL. This may indicate the presence of an existing hard and/or obstructive
earwax blockage or inflammation
Do not insert any objects (for example cotton buds) into ears before or after using Audiclean Ear Cleansing Wash
Do not dry the ear canal too vigorously after use as this could trigger irritation or inflammation
Do not use after expiration date stated on the box and label.


Audiclean Ear Cleansing Wash is made from 100% Sea Serum™, a naturally derived isotonic solution with no preservatives, making it safe for regular use.

Audiclean Ear Cleansing Wash is created from seawater that is harvested from the crystal clear waters off Saint-Malo on the west coast of France. The tides in this region are among the strongest in the world, constantly enriching the pure waters with natural mineral salts.

Audiclean Ear Cleansing Wash is manufactured using a patented and unique technology developed by the world-leading marine biotechnology specialists, Laboratoire de la Mer.
The process purifies and sterilizes the seawater while adapting its composition for optimal efficacy and tolerance.

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