Foot Care


Your feet take a bit of a pounding every day, so don’t forget to show them a bit of love. Whether you’ve got a foot condition that needs treating, or your feet are just in need of some TLC, make sure you pay them regular attention.

Athlete’s Foot and Fungal Infections

Feet are the ideal breeding grounds for fungal infections, due to their hot and sweaty nature. Being cocooned in socks and stuffed into restrictive shoes can create the perfect conditions for fungal infections such as athletes food to develop.

There are many different types of treatment for athletes foot, and our 24 hour pharmacy stocks sprays, creams, powder and gel. Some types of fungal infection can be banished with a powerful single dose treatment while others need multiple treatments over a period of weeks.

Try to avoid sharing towels while you’re suffering from a fungal infection and be certain to dry your feet thoroughly after showering.

Verrucas and Warts

Veruccas and warts on the feet can be irritating, and due to the potential for being contagious, may stop you participating in activities such as swimming. Modern treatments for verrucas and warts are very effective, and can be carried out at home.

Our online pharmacy has a variety of products designed to treat verrucas and warts from leading foot care brands such as Bazuka and Scholl. Getting rid of foot warts and verrucas is as simple of painting gel over the affected area for a few weeks, repeating the treatment periodically until the blemish disappears.

Essential Items

If your feet aren’t comfortable, you’ll soon start to notice so it’s important to identify and treat any problems quickly. Blisters, corns and bunions can be painful, but there are products available to ease the discomfort including specialist plasters and healing gel. Some of the treatments for verrucas can also be used to effectively treat callouses and corns.

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