Unilet Comfort Touch (Single Use Lancet Type B) 100 - Pharmacy 24 Hours

Unilet Comfort Touch (Single Use Lancet Type B) 100



Unilet® Lancets

A lancet to suit all patients

The Unilet® range of lancets from Owen Mumford allows you to obtain the blood sample you need to manage your blood glucose.

The specially shaped needles and choice of needle sizes of the Unilet® range ensure you can obtain the right blood volume with less pain1.

Unilet® lancets have a universal design and are compatible with most capillary blood lancing devices.†


  • Comfort. Provide a comfortable lancing experience without compromising on the blood volume 1
  • Control. Offer a lancet designed for your needs that may make self management of treatment more comfortable

Unilet ComforTouch

  • Unilet ComforTouch features a triple sharpened needle to ensure maximum comfort. The cap of the lancet has been designed to allow the user to place the used needle tip into the cap for convenience.
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