Vitality CBD E-Liquid 600MG 30ML - Pharmacy 24 Hours

Vitality CBD E-Liquid 600MG 30ML

One of the most efficient methods for absorbing CBD is vaping, and full spectrum e-liquid from Vitality CBD is ready to vape fresh from the bottle. Thanks to Vitality CBD’s industry-best harvesting and extraction techniques, a high number of other cannabinoids are retained, each of which contributes to the “entourage effect” of this full spectrum e-liquid.



Why Vitality?

Vitality CBD is a high quality CBD company backed by a team with a strong history in the pharmaceutical industry. By utilising their expertise and rigorous scientific process, Vitality CBD have successfully harnessed the natural synergy of the hemp plant. Through years of research and development, Vitality CBD have curated a wide product range ensuring that they cater for each and every different type of CBD user.

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Natural, Lemon, Berry

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