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Nothing beats regular trips to your dentist to keep your teeth in tiptop condition, but there’s plenty you can do between visits to take care of your mouth, teeth and gums.

It’s important to have good oral hygiene and there are many products which can help your teeth to stay free of plaque and looking their best. Our online pharmacy has a wide range of different toothpastes including formulas suitable for vegans and those looking for natural products.

Dentists don’t recommend you use mouthwash at the same time as brushing your teeth, but they can play an essential role in oral hygiene at other times of the day, such as after meals. A mouthwash is particularly useful if you have irritated or bleeding gums, or need to combat a dry mouth.

Our 24 hour pharmacy can also help with oral pain and discomfort. You might be suffering from denture irritation or painful mouth ulcers. Both of these conditions can make it difficult to eat and can make your mouth feel very sore.

Rather than resorting to general painkillers, there is a range of different oral products which are applied topically to ease the inflammation. Very effective in relieving pain, there are gels and liquids available in different strengths which start working as soon as they’re applied.

Another common problem is cold sores; around one in five people in the UK suffer from recurrent outbreaks. Usually appearing on the outside of the mouth and around the lips, cold sores will heal on their own but the blisters can be very sore and uncomfortable. There are preparations containing aciclovir which can be applied as soon as you feel the first warning tingle. These help to speed recovery and healing, and in some cases can even prevent a full outbreak from occurring.

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