If you have constipation, you will not pass stools as often as you normally do, and you might find that you are straining to do so. You may also feel that you cannot empty your bowels completely.
Symptoms may also include pain on defecating, abdominal discomfort and wind.
If it is a child experiencing these symptoms it is advised, you speak to a medical professional before you buy any OTC products.
Seek medical advice if you find blood or mucus in your stools, if the problem is recurrent or has lasted longer than a week, if you’re pregnant, if you have already tried a product and it hasn’t worked, if you notice unintentional weight loss, and if you are taking any other medication.

Making dietary changes such as increasing fibre and fluid intake is the first step to take in order to help constipation.
If this doesn’t work then there are OTC treatments available such as Stimulant laxatives (Dulcolax, Senna, Glycerin suppositories), Bulk-forming laxatives (Fybogel), and Osmotic laxatives (Movicol, Lactulose, Macrogol, Duphalac). Before buying these products please read the patient information leaflet to check if it is suitable for you.
Faecal softeners, such as Dulcoease, are available to lubricate the faces to make them easier to pass.


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