Mother & Baby Care


Mother and Baby Care

Having a baby is a very special time in your life, but also one of the most challenging. As your baby grows and develops, you might encounter various problems. Our online pharmacy is available 24/7

Breastfeeding and Nipple Care

Breastfeeding is a real chance to bond closely with your baby, giving them nature’s nourishment. However, it can take a toll on the mother’s body, with nipples becoming sore and cracked with constant feeding. Lanolin cream and chamomile ointment can help to provide relief, with soft nursing pads to slip into your bra to prevent awkward leaks.

Colic, Wind and Gripe

As the delicate digestive system of your baby develops, they may suffer from discomfort due to colic, wind or gripe. If you’ve ever not been able to settle your baby, there’s a good chance one of these complaints may have been the problem.

Our 24 hour pharmacy is always online and available with a range of gentle treatments that help to naturally resolve digestive pain in infants.

Nappy Rash

Around one in three babies and toddlers suffer from nappy rash at one time or another. Left untreated it can become very sore and unpleasant, leaving your little one in real distress. There are many creams and ointments for nappy rash in our online pharmacy, some of which are so gentle you can use them every time you change them.

Skin and Hair Care

Many babies love bath time and there’s nothing better than seeing them splashing around. Baby shampoo and bubble bath help to get them clean while protecting delicate skin with gentle ingredients. Some babies can suffer from a crusted scalp, a condition known as cradle cap. Specialist baby shampoo will help to treat cradle cap effectively without any harsh chemicals.

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