Ear Care


Ear care is something that most people don’t think about usually, until something goes wrong. We all use our ears every day and when there’s a problem, such as loss of hearing, it’s very noticeable.

Loss of hearing can occur due to ageing or other causes, but in many cases the culprit is a build-up of wax. It’s common for wax to build up within the ear, causing discomfort and muffled hearing.

Your GP practice can make an appointment for you to have your ears syringed. This removes the waxy build-up safely and should restore your hearing. You should never attempt to remove wax yourself with a cotton bud as it’s possible to accidentally perforate your eardrum.

The NHS recommends that the wax in the ears is softened before syringing for the best results. Olive oil is one of the recommended ways to do this, but it can be difficult to get into the ear without making a mess.

There are a number of different products available which allow olive oil formulas to be dropped directly into the ear canal, delivering the right dose exactly where it’s needed.

You can also attempt to clear blockages yourself without needing your ears to be syringed. This tends to work best for minor build-ups of wax. Some of the ear care products in our online pharmacy are designed to allow the wax to naturally leak out after application, without any further intervention.

It’s advisable to protect your ears wherever possible. This means not exposing your ears to excessive noise levels and preventing them from being filled with water. Ear plugs are the ideal solution, with different types designed for use while swimming and to block out noise. If you’re sensitive to sound, or perhaps live with someone who snores, soft ear plugs to wear at night can also be helpful.

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