Wound Management

Wound Management

Small cuts, grazes and scrapes can be treated at home very effectively, but it’s important to make sure the wound is clean and protected.

Our online pharmacy has a wide selection of products that can help you to clean the wound, keep it protected and promote rapid healing.

The first step in dealing with a wound is cleaning it gently but thoroughly. Any debris needs to be flushed out and the wound inspected for any remnants. Once you are satisfied that it is clean and free of debris, it’s advisable to use an antiseptic. This helps to reduce the chances of infection. We have many different types of antiseptic creams and sprays in our 24 hour pharmacy including Savlon, Germolene, TCP and Sudofed.

A plaster or dressing is recommended for larger wounds and grazes to prevent infection. In our 24 hour pharmacy you’ll find many different types of plasters, including hypoallergenic options.

If the wound is relatively small you may not need a plaster or covering. However, it can still take a while to completely heal and carries the risk of infection. There are wound management sprays and solutions which help to protect the wound, and promote quicker healing.

These sprays, creams and balms are useful for wounds in difficult areas, providing protection without hampering movement. As well as medicated formulas, there are also natural products which perform the same function.

Once the wound has completely healed, the appearance of the scar can be improved by the use of Bio-Oil. Massage into the scar to promote skin renewal and to boost moisture content, elasticity and softness.


Don’t be tempted to rub anything into the wound while it’s still healing as this can cause irritation and increase the risk of infection.

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