Feminine Care and Hygiene

Our 24 hour pharmacy has a range of different products for feminine care, hygiene and wellbeing.


Around 10 in every 100 women suffer from a bout of cystitis once every year, suffering from discomfort and the sensation of needing to pass urine. Cystitis is a self-limiting urine infection which causes inflammation of the bladder and can be very disruptive to everyday activities. Drinking fresh cranberry juice can help, plus we stock treatments such as potassium citrate which can ease the discomfort of cystitis and other minor urinary tract infections.


A common yeast infection, thrush can cause irritation, itching and discomfort around the vagina, together with a white discharge. Our online pharmacy stocks a number of different types of products which can treat thrush quickly and effectively, providing symptomatic relief right away.

Choose from pessaries, cream, oral tablets or a combination treatment.

Period Pain

Period pain can vary in intensity but with targeted relief available, there’s no need to struggle on. We stock period pain relief which is designed to ease cramping and discomfort for 8-12 hours, allowing you to sleep undisturbed and get on with your daily life.


There are a number of different types of feminine hygiene products which have been specially formulated to keep you feeling fresh all day long. Using hypoallergenic ingredients, feminine hygiene care are designed for use in your intimate areas without causing irritation.

Formulas include powder, wash, deodorant and wipes, perfect for cleansing whenever you need it.

Personal Care

The vagina can be prone to a number of problems such as dryness, irritation and infections, especially after the menopause. There are products available to proactively treat these problems by keeping the vagina well-lubricated and maintaining the natural pH levels.

Moisturisers and lubricating gels for personal use can help resolve any symptoms and prevent further difficulties from developing. Order what you need from our online pharmacy for delivery to your door.

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