Skin Care


Skin Care
Acne is most commonly associated with teenagers but it can affect adults too. Known respectively as adolescent or adult acne, the condition typically affects the face, chest, neck and back.

The appearance of acne can vary significantly with pimples, whiteheads and blackheads all common. More severe acne may involve cysts and pus-filled pustules.

A change in hormone levels is often the cause for acne, which is why it’s more common in puberty and can also arise during a woman’s menstrual cycle. Around 80% of cases of acne are adolescent.

Fluctuations in sebum, a naturally occurring oily substance, cause plugs to be formed in the skin. These block the hair follicles and result in either whiteheads or blackheads, depending on whether the position of the follicle is open or closed. If these blocked follicles are combined with bacteria, an infection can occur leading to cysts, pustules, nodules or papules.

Although acne is primarily triggered by an excess production of sebum, there are other factors which can exacerbate it:

  • Stress
  • Pregnancy
  • Menstruation
  • Family history

Contrary to popular beliefs, acne is not caused by having dirty skin. However, having good skin hygiene can help to manage and treat acne. Medicated cleansing wipes, facial washes, gels, and topical treatments can all be effective helping to minimise acne. Advanced antibacterial action helps to keep pores clean and prevent follicles from becoming blocked.

If you’re looking for natural treatments, witch hazel is very effective and is available in either wipes or topical stick treatments.

Our online pharmacy has top brands such as Clearasil as well as natural medicines to help you take care of your skin more easily.

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