First Aid


Every home should be equipped with First Aid essentials, helping you to manage minor injuries and ease discomfort. Bumps, knocks and scrapes can occur at any time so having First Aid products will mean you’re prepared whenever you need it.

Plasters are always useful whether it’s grazed knees or a cut finger but one size doesn’t fit all. Our online pharmacy has a selection of different plasters in assorted sizes, including a fabric plaster strip which can be cut as needed. Included are plasters shaped for awkward areas such as fingers and hypoallergenic formulas for sensitive skins.

Even if the cut doesn’t need a plaster, it’s a good idea to guard against potential infection with a dab of antiseptic cream. We have big brands including Germolene and Savlon stock online, available in different sized tubes. Antiseptic is also available as a spray for areas which are just too sore to touch.

Sprains and strains rarely need medical attention; rest, compression and ice are often all that’s required to get you back in prime condition. Fabric strapping provides support while a reusable hot/cold can be helpful for everything from sprains to headaches and period pains.

What else you decide to put in your First Aid Kit is a matter of personal choice but we’d suggest the following:

  • Scissors
  • Disposable latex gloves
  • Safety pins
  • Tweezers
  • Aqueous cream

Our 24 hour pharmacy stocks all of the above and much more, making it easier to get in basic medical supplies so you won’t find yourself without the essentials when it matters.

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