Autopen 24 (Reusable Insulin Injection Pen) 3ml (1-21 Units ) - Pharmacy 24 Hours

Autopen 24 (Reusable Insulin Injection Pen) 3ml (1-21 Units )


  • Simplifies the delivery of insulin injections
  • Low force to inject and usability features make it effective even for users with reduced dexterity
  • Suitable for all types of users



AutopenĀ® 24

Many people managing their diabetes find using insulin delivery pens a more comfortable and convenient way to take their insulin medication. These useful tools are fully portable and easier to carry with you when out and about than syringes and vials of insulin.

AutopenĀ® 24 is compatible with Sanofi insulin cartridges, and ALL major brands of insulin pen needles. This includes Owen Mumford pen needle ranges available on prescription:
Autopen 24 is available in either 1-21 or 2-42 units.
When you buy or are prescribed an Autopen, you will receive:
Carrying an insulin pen will allow you to access a measured dose of insulin when you need it. Those suffering from arthritis or poor grip strength also find using insulin delivery pens such as the Autopen 24 easy because it has a simple one-handed, side-firing button making it easier to inject your insulin dose.

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