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MyLife Clickfine AutoProtect 8mm 100



– Innovative locking mechanism for protection against needle stick injuries
– Supports EU 2010/32 4, Art. 7 requirements
– Cannula hidden by blue protection cap for more confidence
– Special silicone surface treatment for advanced injection comfort
– Compatible with all major injection pen brands


Life already has enough risks

Every year, millions of people around the world injure themselves with used needles; among them more than one million needle stick injuries occur in the EU itself. Especially medical and health care professionals run the risk of injuring themselves with used needles. This risk of contamination can be easily prevented: with the mylife Clickfine AutoProtect pen needle from Ypsomed.

We care about your safety

With its innovative and patented locking system, mylife Clickfine AutoProtect minimises the risk of needle stick injuries, thus meeting the requirements of Council Directive 2010/32/EU 4, Art.7.

The mylife Clickfine AutoProtect safety pen needle ensures following characteristics:

– Contains a fully integrated safety needle mechanism
– Automatically locks immediately after injection
– Red lock indicator clearly shows locked stage
– Visible cannula tip facilitates priming
– Lock permanently covers needle preventing repeated use

2010/32/EU 4, Art.7

Supports the fulfilment of clause 4, article 7 of Council Directive 2010/32/EU – Prevention from sharps injuries in the hospital and healthcare sector

Premium quality features

Experience reliable comfort

Easy Flux

– Top quality medical cannula with thin wall technology enables easy and optimal flux of medication because of its larger inner diameter.

Easy Glide

– Special silicone surface treatment enables constant gliding characteristics and smooth penetration.

Reliable safety and simplicity

– mylife Clickfine AutoProtect with protective cap
– Before injection: cannula protected by protective sleeve
– During injection: protective sleeve releases needle
– After injection: automatic locking and red locking indicator


How to use the safety pen needle

– Remove the protective foil.
– Click (or screw) the mylife Clickfine AutoProtect pen needle onto the injection pen, keeping it straight. Firm seating is ensured when screwed on, even without a perceptible limit stop.
– Keep pen needle straight when attaching on injection pen.
– Remove the protective cap. The blue protective sleeve is visible.
– Before injection perform the priming test, following the instructions for use for your injection pen. Set the dose in accordance with the instructions of your doctor and/or nursing staff.
– Do not put any pressure on the dose button during needle insertion.
– Insert the injection pen at a 90 degree angle to the desired injection site, keeping it vertical. In order to avoid injecting into the muscle, it may be necessary to use a lifted skin fold.
– Exert a gentle pressure on the injection pen until the blue protective sleeve is no longer visible.
– Now press the dose button and slowly administer the injection. Allow the pen needle to remain in the fatty tissue (count to 10 slowly).
– Remove the injection pen from the injection site, keeping it straight. The blue protective sleeve locks automatically and the red locking indicator becomes visible.
– Unscrew the mylife – Clickfine AutoProtect pen needle from the injection pen.
– Dispose of the needle safely, in accordance with local regulations.

Pen compatibility

mylife Clickfine AutoProtect pen needles are tested according to ISO 11608-2:2012; they are fully functional and provide better safety when used with the injection pens listed on the mylife Clickfine AutoProtect pen needle box.

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