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Accu-Check Fastclix Lancets 24



Convenient and hassle-free blood glucose monitoring.

It’s vital that those living with diabetes maintain a healthy blood glucose level, and Accu-Chek have made this easier than ever to monitor with their fastclix model. The Accu-Chek fastclix model uses an innovative drum containing six lancets which do not require any direct contact and therefore remain hygienic.

Provided here are four drums containing six lancets for you to place inside your fastclix model. The fastclix lancet has 11 depth settings that can be easily set using the turning dial. This allows for optimum blood sampling depending on your skin type. The lancet is smooth and polished, meaning the skin penetration is gentle and virtually pain-free.

Features of Accu-Chek fastclix lancet 24s

  • Unlike conventional lancing devices
  • The Accu-Chek fastclix lancet is for the use with the Accu-Chek blood glucose fastclix mobile
  • Helps to reduce the inconvenience of testing
  • Safe and hygienic
  • Minimal discomfort
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