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BD Safe- Clip (Needle Clipping Device )


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Description: BD Safe-clip Insulin Needle Clipper is a useful needle-clipping device, which helps remove used needles, syringes and insulin pen. It clips off nearly 1,500 needles. It is specially equipped with an advanced insertion design that is easy to open and use. This needle clipper is an important device to dispose sharp objects like needles after insulin injection.

Direction of Use:

  • Follow directions given on the medical product
  • Fully insert the needle and then push down to clip it

Side Effects and Precautions:

  • There are no side effects of this useful equipment
  • Be cautious while discarding the needle, as it may cause injury
  • Discard the clipped needle according to medical regulations


  • High Quality Needle Clipper

Each Pack Contains: BD Safe-clip Insulin Needle Clipper


  • Store in a safe place
  • Keep it away from your kids
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