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EarFit Comfort Foam Ear Plugs

EarFit Comfort Foam Ear Plugs. Designed to provide relief against nusisance noise.

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Earfit Earplugs are one of the most effective ways for noise reduction when sleeping, working or travelling. Earfit Ear Plugs understands just how important a good night sleep is to us, which is why they have designed their ear plugs to provide us with maximum comfort whilst at the same time reducing all noise that may surround us as we are trying to get a good night sleep. Earfit Ear Plugs will slowly roll and compress into a very thin, crease-free cylinder which makes them perfect for either storing at home to taking with you on your travels.

  • Slowly roll and compress the plug into a very thin, crease-free cylinder.
  • While compressed, insert the plug well into the ear canal. Fitting the plug is easier if the outer ear is pulled outward and upward during insertion.
  • With fingertip, hold the plug in place until it begins to expand and block the noise. Plugs can be washed up to 3 times.
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