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Femmax Vaginal Dilator Pink Pack 4


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The Femmax Vaginal Dilator set features:
  • 4 dilators, which are graduated in size and length to allow a natural progression during treatment.
  • the ability in use in a short form (single dilator) or interlocked to another size to use in a long form
  • a discreet and easily manageable hard case, which includes space for a lubricant bottle / sachets
  • Instructional DVD
Femmax are BPA free
Dilators are generally used:

  • After clinical treatments known to cause adhesions (soft tissue fusion) within the vagina such as after any surgical proceedures, a vaginal or abdominal hysterectomy, radiotherapy or after childbirth.
  • To reduce spasms/clamping of pelvic floor muscles and to retrain vaginal muscles to relax (e.g. in cases of vaginismus; painful intercourse; or following childbirth).
  • To help stretch scarring caused from stitiches after birth or with vulval skin conditions such as lichen sclerosis.
  • To assist in overcoming psychological trauma associated with sexual intercourse.
  • By women who have pain with sex, caused by other reasons.


A typical dilator program involves inserting a dilator that is comfortable yet applies some vaginal pressure/stretch.  Dilators can be used daily (for approx. 10 mins) while doing relaxation techniques. After this a self stretching program and scar tissue massage can be performed. The goal is to insert the largest size dilator that you need to accomodate (usually the size of your husbands/partners penis) with no pain, stress response, fear/anxiety or embarrassment. Dilators can be used in the bath and cleaned with warm soapy water.

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