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Freestyle Libre 2 Glucose Monitoring Sensor




  • Small size: (35 mm diameter x 5 mm height) akin to £2 coin – Discreet; the sensor can scan even through clothing
  • Requires no finger prick calibration: Eliminates finger pricks needed for calibration
  • Optional alarms: high glucose, low glucose and signal loss alarm
  • Water-resistant: Can be worn while bathing, showering, swimming, and exercising
  • Applied by the patient: Easy-to-use applicator to apply the sensor
  • 24 Hours, 14 Days: Automati­­cally captures readings day and night. Designed to stay on the back of upper arm for up to 14 days
  • With an easy scan: patients can see their glucose variations, including night-time lows

See the Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor quick start guide here

Unlike current blood glucose meters, the FreeStyle Libre Sensor 2 measures the glucose in the body’s interstitial fluid with optional alarms. It does not involve painful routine finger pricks. You can scan as many glucose readings as you want whilst the sensor is being worn.­ The Sensor has a small, flexible tip that is inserted just under the skin.

You need a FreeStyle Libre Reader or have the FreeStyle LibreLink app on your phone to use the Sensor.

It continuously measures the glucose concen­tra­tion in your interstitial fluid, and stores 8 hours of data. This means that for a complete glycaemic picture, you only need to scan once every 8 hours– enabling you to make more informed decisions about how you manage your diabetes.

Finger prick blood glucose readings and sensor glucose reading won’t always match and in fact are likely to be different. That’s the interstitial fluid (ISF), a thin layer of fluid that surrounds the cells of the tissues below your skin, not from your blood. There is a 5 to 10 minute delay in ISF glucose response to changes in blood glucose. Glucose readings on ISF have been proven to reliably reflect glucose levels.

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