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Lyclear Sensitive + Comb – 150ml


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Kill head lice and eggs and leave hair soft and easy to comb with Lyclear Sensitive Head Lice Treatment. This non-greasy formulation is gentle to hair and skin and contains no perfume, essential oils, pesticides, or alcohol. Dermatologically tested.

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Lyclear Sensitive Head Lice Treatment is a gentle to hair and skin head lice treatment that kills head lice and eggs. This unique, double action formula contains Oxyphthirine to kill head lice and eggs by suffocating and dehydrating them. This formulation is non-greasy and washes out easily with no essential oils, perfume, or alcohol. Hair is left soft and easy to comb.

Key features of Lyclear Sensitive Head Lice Treatment

  • Kills head lice & eggs
  • Gentle to hair & skin
  • Leaves the hair soft and easy to comb
  • Non­-greasy, washes out easily
  • No perfume, no essential oils, alcohol free
  • Dermatologically tested
  • No pesticides
  • Comb included
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