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Lyclear Treatment Shampoo – 200ml

Lyclear shampoo’s double action formula not only suffocates but also dehydrates head lice and eggs. In addition, it’s convenient to use as it washes the hair at the same time. It has been scientifically tested  to kill head lice. Please use sufficient product and comb thoroughly to remove all eggs.

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Lyclear Treatment Shampoo is a tested and effective way to treat head lice treatment. The dual action formula suffocates and dehydrates both the head lice and eggs. Lice cannot develop resistance to the shampoo and it does not contain insecticides. This shampoo is convenient as it washes the hair while treating it.

Who can use?

This product can be used adults and children over 2 years old.

How to use?

  1. Check for the presence of head lice using the enclosed anti lice comb which is enclosed.
  2. Apply the shampoo to dry hair. Use enough to cover all the hair and scalp. Massage, paying attention to the areas behind the ears and the nape of the neck. Leave on for ten minutes.
  3. After 10 minutes add water to the hair and work into a foam. Wash and rinse the hair thoroughly.
  4. Use the comb again on wet hair to remover the lice.
  5. Repeat the treatment after 7 days.

If you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Consult your doctor during pregnancy or while breastfeeding before purchasing or using this product.

Please read the enclosed leaflet before use – Click Here.

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