Mylife Safety Comfort Lancets 30g 200 - Pharmacy 24 Hours

Mylife Safety Comfort Lancets 30g 200


Mylife Safety Lancets features an innovative patented design that makes capillary blood sampling safe and easy.
Designed for blood glucose monitoring and other diagnostic tests in diabetic clinics, hospitals and private homecare, mylife Safety Lancets feature a safety seal that visually indicates whether it has been used before or not and are inoperable after use thanks to single release function. Its protective cap maintains sterility and prevents contamination prior to use as well as protecting patients and health care professionals from cross-contamination or injury. No pre-loading or assembly is required prior to use so they are quick and easy to use.
Mylife Safety Lancets use a tri-beveled needle tip for superior needle quality to support an optimum blood flow with maximum comfort to the patient.
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