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Novopen Echo Blue

  • Re-usable pen injector
  • Records dose and time since last injection for extra reassurance
  • For simple yet accurate dosing
  • End-of-dose click for reassurance



NovoPen Echo is a re-usable pen injector designed for single patient use by diabetes patients for the self-injection of insulin. The pen injector allows the user to dial required doses from 0.5 to 30 units in 0.5-unit increments.


  • Has a dose memory that helps you remember the number of units you last injected and the time passed since that injection.
  • The pen is durable, which means that you can reuse it. When you have used all the insulin in a cartridge, you simply replace it with a new one
  • Strong design that is built to last up to 5 years

How to use:

  • Designed to use with penfill 3ml insulin cartridges and NovoTwist or Novofine disposable needles up to a length of 8mm.
  • See package insert for more details
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