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Oppo Knee Wrap 2120

Oppo Knee Wrap 2120 Care & Supports One Size Fits all

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Oppo Knee Wrap 2120

  • Oppo wraps are made of unique ‘space age’ material.
  • Extra strength elastic and transverse nylon fibres combine for long-lasting, heavy duty support.
  • -Starter loop’ allows the wrap to be pre-positioned for controlled compression.
  • Exclusive reinforced patella stabiliser to prevent displacement.
  • Suitable for all sports, athletic activities and everyday use.

How To Wear

  • Slightly bend your knee and position the wrap.
  • Begin by wrapping one complete turn around the upper calf.
  • Continue to wrap in an upward spiral, overlapping each turn about 50%.
  • Finish and secure the hook closure.


  • Weak knee
  • Mild knee strain/ sprain

Care & Supports
One Size Fits All

Measure around the knee joint.

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