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Quies Foam Earplugs – 3 pairs

Quies Ear Plugs mould to the shape of your ear canal, blocking it to reduce the amount of loud noise that reaches your eardrums. They have a noise reduction rating of 35 decibels, reducing the amount of harmful sound that your ears experience while still letting you hear the important things.

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If you work in a noisy environment or love to visit concerts and nightclubs, you may be looking for a way to protect your ears from damage that loud noise can cause. Quies Ear Plugs are designed to reduce noise by up to 35 decibels, so you can hear all of the important things while protecting your ears from damage. Quies Ear Plugs come in two colour choices, natural beige or a mix of brights.

  • Roll your Quies Ear Plug between your fingers, compressing the earplug into a thin tube.
  • With your other hand, pull your ear up and away from your head, opening the ear canal.
  • Insert the ear plug into the ear while it is still compressed and hold in place with a finger as it expands to fill the ear canal.
  • Repeat with the other ear.
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