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Safe and Sound Nit Comb – 2

Safe and Sound Nit Comb – 2 Effective lice removal

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Safe And Sound Health Nit Combs 2

The Safe And Sound Nit Comb can be effective in detecting the presence of head lice and can be used in the wet combing method of treatment. Head lice roughly the size of a match head when fully grown and the eggs are laid and are known as nits which stick to the base of the individual hairs.

With careful and thorough combing of wet hair from the root to the tips, especially under the fringe, behind the ears and around the nape of the neck the nits are able to be detected with each stroke of the comb. Head lice may be cleared over a period of two weeks without the use of a chemical preparation. Repeat the routine every 3-4 days over the 2 week period helping to reduce the opportunity for the emerging eggs to reproduce.
Helps clear lice over a two week period.
Detects lice under fringe, behind ears and nape of neck.
Reduces the opportunity for the lice to reproduce.
Direction for Use:
Wash hair normally with your normal shampoo.
Whilst hair is wet add a generous amount of conditioner and comb the hair thoroughly and carefully ensuring that the teeth of the comb slot into the hair at the root for the start of each stroke.
Comb over a pale surface such as paper towel or the bath, and rinse the comb clear of lice after each stroke.
Repeat the routine every 3-4 days for two weeks.

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