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Scholl Orthaheel Sensitive Feet Orthotics – Small


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Scholl Orthaheel Sensitive Feet Orthotic – Small Orthaheel Sensitive Feet Orthotics are designed for people who have diabetes and arthritis.

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Scholl Orthaheel Sensitive Feet Orthotic – Small

The Scholl Orthaheel Sensitive Feet Orthotic Insole has been designed to reduce both the pressure and the friction the foot is exposed to during walking.

This is likely to be useful for people who are particularly sensitive to the effects of pressure and friction on the feet, such as those with diabetes, arthritis, the elderly and those recovering from minor foot injuries.

The Scholl Orthaheel Sensitive Feet Orthotic Insole is made of 6 different layers. It is designed with cushioning layers that help protect the feet from pressure and low friction layers that help protect the feet from friction.

The insole is shaped to match the bottom of the foot so that it gives support and cushioning along the full length of the foot, spreading out the forces of walking to protect sensitive areas from high pressures. It can also help to reduce any foot movements – such as excess pronation – that may lead to pain and discomfort


Sizing Guide: Womens Shoe Size 5.5-7 Mens Shoe Size 5-6.5


Scholl Orthaheel is a range of orthotic inserts that fit into everyday shoes. They were invented by leading podiatrist Phillip Vasyli and are the result of extensive clinical and consumer research. Their unique patented design naturally repositions the foot, enabling the feet, ankles and legs to function as they should. By re-aligning the feet and ankles and therefore correcting body posture, Scholl Orthaheel orthotics can also provide natural relief from many foot problems. Orthaheel Sensitive Feet is suitable for those with more sensitive feet, such as those with diabetes and arthritis, as the unique Glidesoft technology is scientifically proven to reduce the risk of skin damage, whilst providing pressure relief. You’ll feel the difference in just 30 days. Scholl is so confident that they are offering a 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t!

Scholl Orthaheel Sensitive Feet inserts have been designed to fit into quality footwear, such as specialist health footwear, shoes with removable insoles, shoes with deep forefoot or shoes with soft upper material and adjustable fastening (due to the depth of the inserts).

Wearing in Orthaheel orthotics may take a few days as your feet may need to become accustomed to them. If any discomfort occurs, remove the orthotic for one or two hours, then wear again until comfortable. To clean, simply wipe with a warm soapy cloth.

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