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Wartner Verruca & Wart Pro Pen- 1.5ml


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Wartner Verruca and Wart Removal Pen is an effective way to treat warts and verrucae. The pen contains a highly concentrated removal gel which removes the wart/verruca and helps the skin heal.

  • 1.5ml pen applicator.
  • No risk of scarring.
  • Precise application.
  • Effective from the first week.
  • Contains Trichloroacetic Acid.
  • Suitable for adults and children aged 4 and over.

Wartner Verruca and Wart Removal Pen is a new way to treat warts and verrucae easily, precisely and effectively. The pen is impregnated with Trichloroacetic acid which causes the skin to peel. As this occurs, new healthy skin is formed and the verruca/wart will shrink and disappear.

Directions for Use:
Apply twice daily for 4 days. Only one drop of gel is needed per application. After this treatment schedule, the skin will peel off over the next 4 days. You can carefully remove the peeling skin under lukewarm water. As the new skin is formed, the wart or verruca may disappear from the first week of treatment. If the verruca or wart does not disappear completely, repeat the treatment schedule after a break of 4 days. You can repeat this treatment schedule up to 4 times.

External use only.
Do not use on face or genitals.
Do not use on open wounds or healthy skin.
Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

Trichloroacetic acid.

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