Waxsol Ear Drops - 10ml - Pharmacy 24 Hours
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Waxsol Ear Drops – 10ml

Waxsol Ear Drops has been scientifically proven to disperse ear wax and thereby help its easy removal.

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Waxsol ear drops help to unblock ears that have been blocked up by earwax. If you’re suffering with blocked ears and are struggling to hear as well as you should, Waxsol can help to clear waxy build up over just 2 nights. Ideal for those looking for a quick solution to earwax build up.

Active Ingredients

Docusate Sodium

Preparation and Usage

Before using Waxsol, put the included dropper into the bottle of ear drops and fill it up. Tilt your head to the side, keeping the ear you wish to treat facing upwards. Use the dropper to gently drip Waxsol into your ear until it is full. The best time to do this is before bed. Use your ear drops for 2 nights at a time and no more.

Please read the enclosed leaflet before use – Click Here


Keep out of sight and reach of children.

If symptoms persist or worsen consult your doctor.

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