Smoking Cessation


Smoking Cessation

Every year, around 78,000 people die from smoking-related conditions but there still remains just under 6.9 million smokers in the UK.

Smoking is proven to increase the risk of over 50 serious health conditions, including heart attack, stroke, and cancer.

Despite the many risks that smoking presents, it’s a difficult habit to quit. Nicotine is highly addictive but it’s not just the physical aspect that smokers need to overcome, it’s also the psychological dependence.

For the vast majority of people, quitting smoking is the single biggest thing they can do to improve their health. Approximately 50% of smokers will die prematurely so giving up is a step that should be seriously considered, wherever possible.

Although it’s a challenge, more than 10 million people in the UK have now been able to stop smoking. For many people, the adverse health effects of smoking can be reversed even if they have been smoking for many years.

Once you decide to stop smoking, there are various different products which can offer you support. You can quit cold turkey but the statistics suggest that this won’t be your best option. Many people who try to quit smoking without any support end up relapsing.

Our 24 hour pharmacy has a variety of different nicotine replacement products to help you get over the physical craving and addiction. There is nicotine gum, patches and a mouth spray available; all have been shown to help give up smoking so it’s a matter of personal choice.

How much you smoked may play a part in your preferences. Regular smokers often opt for nicotine patches; this helps to keep the cravings at bay and can be topped up with a mouth spray or gum if a sudden pang strikes.

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