Travel and Suncare


Travel and Skincare

Travelling overseas doesn’t have to be risky if you plan in advance. What you’ll need to do depends on your destination; your doctor or nurse will be able to let you know what immunisations you’ll need.

Don’t leave the visit to your doctor too late; you’ll need have any immunisations at least 6-10 weeks before you go. If you plan on travelling long-term, it’s a good idea to see your doctor even sooner.

In some parts of the world, malaria is a problem so you’ll need medication to prevent yourself becoming ill. Don’t be tempted to skip this; malaria is a serious condition which can make you very unwell.

If you need to take prescription medication with you, check on the laws of the country to make sure you’re not breaching any of their customs.

It’s a good idea to carry a small First Aid kit with you whenever you travel. You may not be able to reach a pharmacy or find the products you need.

As well as the usual antiseptic cream and plasters, you’ll need to add some additions to your supplies. Insect repellents and cream to treat any bites will be useful wherever you go.

A change in your diet and surroundings can sometimes trigger digestive problems. Adding medication for diarrhoea, nausea and indigestion to your kit is recommended. And of course, if there is anyone in the party who doesn’t travel well, travel sickness tablets are a must-have!

You can find all of these supplies in our online pharmacy which is open 24/7. You may be able to buy sun cream and skin protection after you arrive but don’t risk arriving empty-handed. Make sure you take sufficient skin cream to get you through the first days at the very least, and opt for a higher SPF to make sure you’re protected from the hotter sun.

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